STILL EXV 14 Pedestrian Stacker

STILL EXV 14 Pedestrian Stacker

Model RefLift Height
Fork Size
EXV 143244560 x 1150

Stronger and more intelligent than the rest – the STILL EXV 14 pedestrian stacker. Two of its stand-out features are its huge residual load capacity and its smart colour display. The latter provides the operator with easy access to basic information like truck status and battery status. The smart and extremely mobile warehouse organiser moves pallets weighing up to 2,000 kg quickly, safely and reliably. It can achieve unprecedented reloading of pallets thanks to its powerful and low-maintenance motor and its precise control elements.

The optional load capacity display shows what is possible. The curved tiller shape and the sensitive impact plate protect the driver, and the EXV stops automatically when the tiller is released – even on ramps. The OPTISPEED tiller also adjusts the speed of the EXV to the distance from the operator, while the Curve Speed Control system regulates the speed around bends. This high lift pallet truck, which is as strong as it is smart, allows you to always keep your flow of goods safely under control.

£7,999.00 +VAT

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