STILL EXV 10-14C Pedestrian Stacker

STILL EXV 10-14C Pedestrian Stacker

Model RefLift Height
Fork Size
EXV 103324560 x 1150
EXV 123324560 x 1150
EXV 14C3244560 x 1150

The EXV pedestrian stackers are fitted with unique OPTISPEED tillers. The speed of this manually guided warehouse assistant is automatically modified depending on the distance between the operator and the truck. The ergonomic design of the controls makes them easily differentiated from each other and comfortably reachable during operation.

And as if that wasn’t enough: the truck is particularly impressive on ramps due to its stability and automatic stopping capability whenever the tiller arm is released. Sophisticated lower damping which smoothly slows down the lowering speed shortly before floor contact, protects goods during the storage processes. The EXV makes it possible for goods to be more densely packed in storage and easily removed than ever before. Its high residual load capacity and extraordinary mobility make this compact pedestrian stacker unbeatable when it comes to moving large quantities of goods quickly and safely in confined spaces.

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