STILL ECU 15C Compact Powered Pallet Truck

STILL ECU 15C Compact Powered Pallet Truck

Model RefFork Size
ECU 15C540 x 11501500

Whether in industry, trade or logistics – the ECU 15 C, is a great alternative to hand pallet trucks. The low-lift truck has a variety of qualities: driving, lifting, lowering – all these processes are carried out electrically and without force. Compact and maneuverable, the efficient storage helper transports loads weighing up to 1.5 tonnes, while the machine itself weighs just 200 kg – including the battery. The ECU 15 C is therefore ideally suited for use on intermediate levels, in load elevators or as a trailer for trucks, especially when loaded and unloaded via a lifting platform.

Thanks to the display, the operator is always informed about the current charge status of the battery. Even better: in view of a battery consumption of only 0.39 kW per hour, the device is not only extremely economical, the integrated charger also makes the battery easy to charge at every outlet. The ECU 15 C is available for availability and flexibility. In use, the go-low-lift truck shines next to the one-handed single-handed operation for left and right-handed users with rounded and integrated drive-in rollers, which also make the handling performance more comfortable and efficient. The rugged chassis ensures longevity, even if the working day is a bit harder.

£2,262.00 +VAT

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